Image by DALL·E 2023-02-03 15.03.01 by B&G

gardening in the dead of winter

It is always exciting to plan the garden at this time of year, to imagine all the possibilities, and to see the dream flower in summer.
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Mt. Angeles under a blanket of snow. Friday, January 7, 2022 at 9:06 AM. Photo by B&G

a bitter wind roaring under old january's bareness

But the wind, oh the wind ... the kittens and I could hear it rumbled on bitterly, wailing and complaining lustily, and we all were too jumpy to get any sleep.
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House finches splashing in a garden bath. October 2022. Photo by B&G.

extended summer delight

Today, the house finches were enjoying a wildly boisterous splash in the bird bath in the kitchen garden. It's October but who can resist this weather?
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