Egyptian Walking Onions, Spring 2023. Photo by B&G

egyptian walking onion: it's not like the others

For those who cultivate the Egyptian walking onion, it is not only a plant of culinary and ornamental significance but also a testament to the wonders of nature.
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Dreaming of Sweat Peas. Seeds for Summer 2023. Photo by B&G

february's tender beginnings

The advent of spring brings the rich promise of the growing season ahead. The air smells of hope and renewal, and a universe of possibilities. For us, the feeling never gets old, no matter how distressing the state of the world may be.
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Brad's Atomic Cherry Tomatoes. Summer 2022. Photo by B&G

brad's atomic grape tomato looks wild

Baker Creek, where I got Brad's Atomic Grape tomato seeds says that this is their favorite tomato and their best selling one. I can see why. It grows in multi-color shades and doesn't look like any tomato I've seen before.
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Zucchini Blossom. October 2022. Photo by B&G.

a certain death just around the corner

The squash and the zucchinis to my amazement are still flowering, not caring at all that it will all end soon.
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meet the spectacular black strawberry cherry tomato

meet the spectacular black strawberry cherry tomato

This is one of the most "photogenic" tomatoes around; its color transformation throughout the growing reason is a source of unending enchantment.
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