A burst of bubblegum colors in the garden, May 2023. Photo by B&G

a garden's bubblegum days

...the dwarf kale for salad and cooking, and the thousandhead kale and its gorgeous green leaves were reminders that winter is just a halfway place to pause and rest until the growing season is here again.
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golden blooms on a summer day

golden blooms on a summer day

My gardening days, truth be told, have followed a broken line ... Now, here in a garden in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains, I've planted evergreens and fruit trees, hopeful for all roots to flourish like a coral reef and for my gardening days to turn into a prolonged, unfaltering line at last.
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Spring Poppies. Photo by B&G.

some fabulous poppies

These poppies are such happy, no fuss flowers that it's hard to get mad at them for reseeding so vigorously.
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