Anna's hummingbird holding on to a Scarlet Emperor Runner Bean vine. B&G Photo

winged harbingers of spring

With spring just around the corner, we are pleased to have Anna's Hummingbird holding on to a Scarlet Emperor Runner Bean vine grace our March cover. These year-round resident species in the Pacific Northwest are known for their ability to survive in cooler temperatures ...
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Great Blue Heron at the Nearshore and Estuarine Restoration Site, 3 Crabs, Sequim, WA. October 9, 2022. Photo by B&G.

a great blue heron contemplates a peculiar fall

If the Great Blue Heron was perplexed as we were, it didn't say; it was content to sit there, savoring the stillness of the moment.
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House finches splashing in a garden bath. October 2022. Photo by B&G.

extended summer delight

Today, the house finches were enjoying a wildly boisterous splash in the bird bath in the kitchen garden. It's October but who can resist this weather?
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